plastificirana lamarina


  • PVC Plastisol sheeting is a very high quality galvanized steel sheet coated with primer paint and the PVC. It is a very durable material, that doesn't fade or scratch easily and has an expected life of more than 30 years. It is usually used for roofing because of its durability.
  • LT - LT profiled steel sheets, also called rooftop steel sheets, have a great load bearing capacity. They are mostly used for rooftops and walls, building of pre-constructed sites, lining decorations, fences and many others.
  • Aluminized steel is carbon steel that has been coated with aluminium- silicon alloy through a process of hot-dipping. The new material has a unique combination of steel and aluminium’s best characteristics. It has steel’s strength, but also aluminium’s surface qualities. Aluminized steel sheets have good corrosion resistance and formability, as well as high temperature resistance.

Jelezik-M supplies a wide range of Plastified, LT and aluminized steel products from trusted suppliers in short terms on clients’ request.  Although, limited quantities are stored in–house, our sales people would be pleased to assist promptly with new deliveries.